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Pack Trips

Horses and mules are the best way to explore the San Juan National 
Forest and the Weminuche Wilderness Area.

 We customize every pack trip for our guests and hunters.
Please call 970-844-4049 so we may start planning your pack trip! Prices range based upon client request. Please call for quote.
Colorado Outfitters Association License #446

Pack to Your Personal Camp 

If you have a favorite area that you hunt, we will pack your equipment in and out of your camp. We will also pack out your game. Rates vary depending on the location and the amount of equipment to be packed.  
Price does not include riding horses. 

Deluxe Drop Camp

Our high mountain drop camps are located in the San Juan National forest. The deluxe drop camps include tents, stove and firewood. We will pack you and your gear in and out on horseback and we will pack out your game. You may provide food and beverage for your stay, or for an additional charge we can provide all food and a camp cook to prepare meals and keep your fire stoked!

Game Pack

Drop the bull elk of your dreams? We can help pack it out! Call anytime at 970-844-4049 to arrange pick up and pack out of meat. $700 base charge for game pack out (includes two mules) 

Overnight Rides 

Buck's Livery also offers overnight rides from Purgatory Flats all the way to the Animas River. All trips are custom designed and may include a camp cook and personal wrangler upon request. 

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